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 Our Covid-19 Pledge

  Since the spread of Covid-19 infection across the world we have all had to change our routines and habits no more so than those welcoming guests into hospitality establishments.  To this end, and as reassurance that we do everything possible to keep our guests safe, please read our Covid-19 Pledge below:  


We pledge to:

  • Constantly monitor government advice.

  • Provide self check-in and check-out procedures 

  • Ensure physical distancing between host/guests is practiced during your stay.

  • Ensure that all rooms, furniture switches and handles will be cleaned thoroughly and hard and soft surfaces disinfected prior to arrival

  • Have hand sanitisers, latex gloves, antibiotic hand washes and sprays freely available.

  • Remove items such as books and games.

  • Ensure bedrooms/bathrooms are cleaned thoroughly and hard and soft surfaces disinfected.

  • Wash all linen at 60°C or above.


We look forward to welcoming you to our accommodation in the countryside

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